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About Us

About Hytork

Hytork™ develops and manufacturers actuators for the automation of industrial valves. Our product range includes pneumatic actuators and a wide range of control accessories. Product development is based on modular construction that allows for fast delivery from stock components and easy upgrade to control units as well as quick and efficient modification and repair.


Hytork™ was established in 1972 Initially as a valve automator. The company soon specialised in the manufacture of pneumatic actuators. The growing need for process automation led to the development and production of accessories, such as switch boxes and specialised solenoid valves

The Hytork™ world-wide net work was quickly established, in 1987 the American headquarters was opened in Tampa Florida USA. Hytork™ now has an extensive international network of sales offices and distributors, providing efficient logistics and guaranteeing world-wide availability. 

In 1999 Emerson Electric, an American multinational conglomerate consisting of more than 300 companies and divisions, acquired the company. Since the Emerson acquisition, we have been part of an enterprise with a total turnover exceeding 14.3 billion US-dollars (1999).

Emerson Process Management Valve Automation, Inc.

Emerson Electric Co. formed Emerson Process Management Valve Automation, Inc., a new operating division that consolidates the company’s vast array of valve automation products and services. The new division brings together well-known industry leaders like Bettis™, Dantorque™, El-O-Matic™, Hytork™, Shafer™ and EIM.

For Hytork™, the merger provides all the resources for continued expansion and growth. Our engineering development makes regular use of the gigantic reservoir of process-automation knowledge available within Emerson's divisions.


The process industry is in a constant state of change. The main developments in recent years have been the application of digital controls and the introduction of field-bus systems. Digital technology has dramatically changed the verification and control of process events and with the two-way communication provided by fieldbus and the ability to decentralise many of the control functions means that the actual cost of production is reduced. This is achieved at the same time as providing systems, which are more flexible, more accurate and less sensitive to faults.

Hytork™ strives to maintain its leadership with these new developments. Though traditionally a manufacturer of actuators, our policy continues to be focused on the supply of all the automation components located between the hardware of the valve and the software of the process-control system. This means a continuous activity of new development and product innovation.

Fit and Forget

One of the main design parameters in the development of our products is the fit and forget principle: they must be easy to install and then function faultlessly through a long working life, also the addition of ancillaries must be quick and easy to install. This is made possible by the high degree of modular construction in our products.

  • Modular construction
    Our actuators and accessories are mainly made up of standard modules. This means that they can be assembled - and delivered - fast.
  • Standard products
    In order to meet new and ever demanding market requirements, our products are the subject of continuous development and improvement.

Valve Automation Centers

No valve manufacturer makes all valve types or actuators and accessories. Valve Automation Centers offer a uniform valve control package for all 90° rotation valves that integrates well with the controllers and the controls or instrumentation group. Designed, manufactured and assembled by experienced professionals, Valve Automation Center valve control packages complete your control loop requirements efficiently and reliably.

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