P Series Actuators for Internal Valves 

All Fisher 1-1/4, 2 and 3-inch threaded NPT, 3-inch / DN 80 single and double flanged internal valves can be fitted with a pneumatic actuator that can be used to open and close the internal valves at the valve or from a remote location. These pneumatic actuators attach directly to the valve after removal of the cable-operating lever. Included in each assembly is an operating lever and mounting hardware.  Use of pneumatic actuators permits the opening and closing of the internal valve to be tied into the air brake of the transport or bobtail. Pneumatic Actuators can also provide a convenient way to remotely operate a number of internal valves on stationary storage tanks at bulk plants.

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 LP-31: LP-Gas Catalog
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Type P614 Pneumatic Actuator
Type P614 Pneumatic Actuator
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