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Type 1290 Vapor Recovery Regulator

Type 1290 vapor recovery regulator is a self-contained, pilot-operated regulator system used for vapor recovery blanketing gas. When blanketing gas pressure inside the vessel rises, due to thermal heating or pumping-in of product, the Type 1290 regulator senses an increase in vessel pressure and vents excessive internal tank pressure to a vapor recovery storage tank.

A Position Monitor Bracket (PMB) is available for the Type 1290 to mount the 4300 Series Wireless Position Monitors to the travel indicator. The PMB mounting kit is compatible with both Topworx 4310 and Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitors.

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CAD Drawings and Models:
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See how it works with 1190

See how it works with ACE95

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DocumentationFeatures & BenefitsSpecificationsAssociated Products
 Product & Service Documentation
 Industrial Plant App Map 11x17
1 MBpdfJuly 2013G
 Platform Pressure Control Solutions Flier
1 MBpdfSeptember 2015B
 Tank Blanketing and Vapor Recovery Application Map
642 KBpdfMay 2008B
 Total Tank Management Brochure
6 MBpdfOctober 2011B
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 1290 Vapor Recovery Regulator Bulletin
963 KBpdfNovember 2015M
 Drawings & Schematics
 1290 Low Pressure Vapor Recovery Schematic
835 KBpdfJuly 2008A
 Manuals & Guides
 1290 Installation Guide
904 KBpdfFebruary 2012D
 1290 Vapor Recovery Valve Instruction Manual
1 MBpdfNovember 2015R
 Position Monitor Bracket (PMB) Mounting Kit Installation Sheet
388 KBpdfDecember 2010B