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Relief / Backpressure

Fisher backpressure regulators maintain desired upstream pressure by varying the flow in response to changes in upstream pressure.  Pressure relief valves provide overpressure protection in case of unexpected pressure buildup.
  • 1805 Series Relief Valves
    Fisher 1805 Series relief valves are designed for use in farm tap applications where a relief valve is needed between the first-stage and second-stage regulators.
  • Type 289P Relief Valve or Backpressure Regulator
    Fisher Type 289P pilot-operated relief valve provides protection from overpressuring a downstream system. This relief valve is suitable for service on natural gas, air, propane, or any other operating medium not corrosive to the internal parts.
  • Type EZR Relief Valve or Backpressure Regulator
    Fisher Type EZR pilot-operated, pressure relief valve or backpressure regulator is typically used in city gate and district stations as a relief valve for overpressure protection, or in commercial and industrial applications as a backpressure regulator.
  • H120 Series Relief Valves
    Fisher Type H120 self-operated relief valve has a preset and pinned spring retainer. Type H120 may be used where venting to the atmosphere is acceptable and where some pressure-relieving tolerance is acceptable.
  • H200 Series Relief Valves
    Fisher H200 Series Pop relief valves are direct-operated relief valves with preset and pinned spring retainers.
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