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Pressure Reducing

Fisher pressure reducing regulators maintain desired outlet pressure providing the required flow to satisfy a variable downstream demand. The level at which the reduced pressure is maintained is the outlet pressure setting of the regulator.
  • Transmission
    Fisher pressure reducing regulators supply natural gas through transmission pipelines across long distances using control valves, pilot-operated regulators, and relief valves to control the pressure and flow of gas.
  • Farm Tap / Field
    Fisher farm tap and field pressure reducing regulators distribute natural gas from transmission pipelines to a distribution tap serving farms and small communities.
  • City Gate / Distribution Station
    Fisher pressure reducing regulators reduce gas pressure to a distribution level for companies in larger towns and cities to supply gas.
  • Commercial / Industrial Service
    Fisher pressure reducing regulators are used to supply natural gas to commercial and domestic applications, such as heating and cooling grocery stores and office buildings, feedstock for making chemicals and fuel for boilers and furnaces.
  • Fix Factor Billing / Pressure Measurement
    Fisher fixed factor billing / pressure factor measurement regulators are extremely accurate, controlling the downstream set pressure to ± 1 percent of the absolute pressure and are used in residential, commercial, and industrial natural gas applications.
  • Residential / Utilization Service
    Fisher residential regulators supply natural gas for heating and cooling homes, heating water, and fuelling gas ranges in residential applications.
  • Fuel Gas
    Fisher pressure control products are used in boilers, dryers, evaporators, hot water heaters, plant heating systems, industrial ovens, and heat exchangers that provide heat to plant utility and industrial applications requiring heat.
  • Supply Regulators
    Fisher supply regulators provide constantly controlled, reduced pressures to pneumatic and electropneumatic controllers and other instruments.
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