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Natural Gas 

Fisher natural gas pressure control  regulators products are used in transmission and distribution stations, city gate and farm taps, residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • Pressure Reducing
    Fisher pressure reducing regulators maintain desired outlet pressure providing the required flow to satisfy a variable downstream demand. The level at which the reduced pressure is maintained is the outlet pressure setting of the regulator.
  • Relief / Backpressure
    Fisher backpressure regulators maintain desired upstream pressure by varying the flow in response to changes in upstream pressure. Pressure relief valves provide overpressure protection in case of unexpected pressure buildup.
  • Shutoff Devices
    Fisher pressure shutoff or slam-shut devices shut off the gas flow when the sensed control pressure passes a set limit in response to a low-pressure condition, a high-pressure condition, or both.
  • Skids
    Skids are prefabricated pressure-reducing stations designed to the customer’s specifications, then built to order and include a range of products from our brands, Fisher, Francel and Tartarini, such as regulators, manual isolation valves, and piping.
  • Accessories
    Emerson Process Management offers a broad range of Fisher accessories completing the hardware needs of a natural gas regulator installation.
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