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Type 63EG-98HM Pilot-Operated Relief Valve or Backpressure Regulator

Type 63EG-98HM can be used for gas, liquid, or steam applications. For applications up to 550°F / 288°C, the Type 63EG-98HM utilizes high temperature Ethylenepropylene (EPDM) or Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) for class VI shutoff. If used in a corrosive service, Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) and other elastomers are available options that offer superior resistance to heat and most corrosive chemicals.

When using the Type 63EG-98HM with a corrosive liquid, usually water or a water-containing solution, the valve materials must be selected with care. For aqueous solutions, use a stainless steel linear cage or Whisper Trim III Cage and body flange to ensure valve plug travel on a corrosion-free surface.

CAD Drawings and Models: Click here

The Type 63EG-98HM is a compact, fast response, high accuracy relief valve/backpressure which is suitable for gas or liquid service. The valve's design makes it ideal for pump recirculation especially in skid packages where space is limited. Click here to view
the animation.

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 63EG-98HM Pilot-Operated Relief Valve or Back Pressure Regulator Bulletin
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