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98H Series Backpressure Regulators/Relief Valves

Fisher 98H Series, liquid service valves are direct-operated relief valves for use on relief and backpressure applications involving large LP-Gas pumping systems and vaporizers. Internal pressure registration eliminates the need for a control line.

CAD Drawings and Models: Click here

DocumentationFeatures & BenefitsSpecifications
 Product & Service Documentation
 FPSO Industry Solution Flier
831 KBpdfMay 2013B
 Drawings & Schematics
 98H Backpressure Regulator / Relief Valve Schematic
797 KBpdfJanuary 2007A
 Manuals & Guides
 98L and 98H Backpressure Regulators and Relief Valves Instruction Manual
995 KBpdfMarch 2014G
 98LD and 98HD Differential Pressure Relief Valve Instruction Manual
813 KBpdfSeptember 2008F