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Fisher® 1061

The Fisher® 1061 pneumatic piston rotary actuator is used to operate splined-shaft rotary control valves such as the Vee-Ball valves, eccentric disc valves, and butterfly valves. The actuator/valve body linkage of this actuator can be positioned for either push-down-to-open or push-down-to-close action.

Additionally, the 1061 actuator can be used with a two-position control signal for on-off service or with a valve positioner for throttling service. An optional handwheel actuator is also available to allow for auxiliary or emergency manual valve operation when the 1061 piston actuator is not in use.

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 Fisher 1061 Pneumatic Piston Rotary Actuator
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 Fisher 1061 Pneumatic Piston Rotary Actuator with Style F & G Mounting Adaptations
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 Fisher 1061 Pneumatic Piston Rotary Actuator with Style H & J Mounting Adaptations
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