Fisher® 657 and 667 

Fisher® 657 and 667 spring-opposed diaphragm actuators position the valve plug in the valve in response to varying controller or valve positioner pneumatic output signals applied to the actuator diaphragm. Zero setting of the actuator is determined by the compression of the actuator spring. Span is set by both the actuator spring rate and the number of springs available. The 657 actuator is direct-acting; the 667 is reverse-acting. These actuators are designed to provide dependable on-off or throttling operation of automatic control valves.
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 Fisher® 657 and 667 Diaphragm Actuators
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 Fisher® 657 Diaphragm Actuator Sizes 30-70 and 87
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 Fisher® 657 Diaphragm Actuators Size 80 and 100
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 Fisher® 667 Diaphragm Actuator Sizes 30-76 and 87
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 Fisher® 667 Diaphragm Actuators Size 80 and 100
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Fisher 657 and 667
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