Pneumatic Actuators 

A pneumatic actuator provides high stem force output for demanding service conditions.  These actuators are usually air operated but some can be self operated by the process fluid.
Fisher® V150Diaphragm Actuators
Fisher spring and diaphragm pneumatic actuators can be ''direct-acting'', meaning that air to the diaphragm casing pushes the actuator stem downward.
Fisher® 585CPiston Actuators
Fisher linear piston actuators are powerful, double-acting actuators that provide accurate throttling or on-off operation for sliding-stem control valves.
Fisher® 1035/El-O-MaticRack-and-Pinion Actuators
Fisher rack-and-pinion rotary actuators are available in both double-acting and spring-return configurations.
Fisher® 655Self-Operated Actuators
Fisher self-operated actuators provide control for a wide variety of pressure regulation applications.
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