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Dirty Service

Dirty service applications are known to contain entrained particulate that would clog the flow passages of trim that this designed for use in clean service.  Dirty service trim constructions are capable of passing particles up to 0.75 inches in size, depending on valve size. 
  • Fisher 461 ValveFisher® 461 Valve
    461 Sweep-Flo valves reduce outlet fluid velocity to reduce flashing, outgassing, and cavitation damage with proper trim material selection.
  • Fisher DST TrimFisher® DST Trim
    Fisher Dirty Service Trim (DST) is a multi-stage (2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 stage) anti-cavitation trim used with a variety of control valves.
  • Fisher DST-G TrimFisher® DST-G Trim
    Fisher Dirty Service Trim for out-gassing applications (DST-G) is a multi-stage anti-cavitation trim.
  • NotchFlo DST TrimFisher® NotchFlo™ DST Valve
    NotchFlo DST Valves offer control of high pressure drop liquids (up to 4200 psi) while avoiding the damaging effects of cavitation.