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The control valve you choose mat
The control valve you choose matters when you have to achieve more efficient, productive, and safer plant operation. You can operate at a higher level when you use Fisher valves and instruments.

The flagship of Emerson's commitment to help you operate at a higher level is in Marshalltown, Iowa, USA.

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Brochure: Emerson Innovation Center for Fisher Technology Development

Press Release: Emerson Opens $30 Million Global Innovation Center

Advertisement: You can move forward and operate at a higher level with Fisher control valves and instruments

Emerson has the largest, most comprehensive control valve development center in the world in Marshalltown, Iowa.

The $30 million 136,000-square-foot Emerson Innovation Center features the world's largest flow lab where control valves are tested under real-world plant operation conditions in order to check reliability, efficiency, environmental compliance, and safety. The facility also consists of a 26,000-square-feet sound chamber for assessing device noise levels.

The Emerson Innovation Center includes facilities for:

  • Flow verification testing up to NPS 36 pipe size
  • Flow sciences research and development
  • Simulation and analysis of flow geometries
  • Piping vibration, flow, and vent noise
  • Instrument and software development
  • Dynamic performance
  • Materials
  • High temperature air
  • Test pressures up to 3500 psig using water or air
  • Cycle life
  • Experimental stress analysis
  • Vibration and seismic testing
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Leak detection
  • Customer demonstrations and witness testing

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