Level Transmitters 

Both digital electronic and pneumatic displacement level controllers are used for accurate level measurement or precision level loop control. Fisher® displacement level technology is applied in level, level interface and density applications. Displacement level technology is proven to be reliable and accurate for a wide variety of process mediums and conditions.
Fisher DL3Fisher® DL3
The integration of a wafer-style liquid level sensor and transmitter in one product, the Fisher DL3 enables users to install digital level transmitters.
FIELDVUE DLC3000Fisher® DLC3010 HART® Digital Level Controller
DLC3010 digital level controllers are used with level sensors to measure liquid level, the level of interface between two liquids, or liquid specific gravity (density).
FIELDVUE DLC3020fFisher® DLC3020f Fieldbus Digital Level Controller
The Fieldbus DLC3020f digital level controller is a fieldbus communicating instrument used to measure liquid level or the level of interface between two liquids using displacement sensor technology.
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