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Fisher® Field Instrumentation

Fisher® field mounted instruments provide monitoring and control to final control devices. Transducers, controllers, volume boosters, solenoids and switches are used to monitor and control flow, temperature, pressure and level variables in the process industry.
  • Fisher® 249Level Sensors
    Fisher Level Sensors, in conjunction with either FIELDVUE DLC3000 Series digital level controllers or 2500 Series controllers and transmitters, are designed to measure changes.
  • Fisher 2100Level Switches
    On-off switch that senses high or low liquid levels. A displacer is used as the sensor and is located in an external cage that mounts to the outside of a vessel.
  • Fisher DL3Level Transmitters
    Both digital electronic and pneumatic displacement level controllers are used for accurate level measurement or precision level loop control.
  • Fisher L2eLiquid Level Controller - Electric
    The electric on-off level controller is used to sense liquid level and when used in conjuction with the Fisher® easy-Drive™ electric actuator form a fully electric level control loop which eliminates pneumatic controller and dump valve venting.
  • Fisher L2Liquid Level Controllers - Pneumatic
    The pneumatic level controllers sense the level of a liquid or a liquid-to-liquid interface, compare the level with a desired value (set point) and produce a pneumatic signal that can operate an actuator control valve.
  • Fisher C1Pneumatic Pressure Controllers
    Once again Emerson Process Management reinforces its long-standing commitment to technological excellence with a complete line of pressure controllers.
  • Fisher 4196Pneumatic Temperature Controllers
    Pneumatic temperature controllers compare process temperature with an operator- adjusted set point. The controller delivers a pneumatic signal to a control element.
  • Fisher i2P-100Valve Accessories
    Emerson Process Management manufactures a broad range of accessories for use with control valves.