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Fisher® D3 FloPro

Fisher® D3 control valve is a compact, rugged valve designed for on-off control. This valve is ideal for use as a dump valve on gas separators and scrubbers. It is also well suited for other high pressure applications in natural gas production, compression, and processing. The D3 FloPro offers easy maintenance. The trim and packing can be maintained by removing the patented deep-bore hammer nut and lifting the actuator/bonnet assembly off the valve without disassembling the actuator. The D3 FloPro control valve is available in NPS 1 and 2 CL900 NPT end connections and NPS 2 CL600 raised face flanged end connections.


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 Product & Service Documentation
 Fisher easy-Drive Electric Actuators brochure (metric size)
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 Fisher Gen2 easy-Drive Electric Actuators Brochure
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 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 Fisher D3 Control Valve
226 KBpdfMay 2016M
 Manuals & Guides
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