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High Performance Butterfly Valves

Fisher® High Performance Butterfly Valves feature an eccentrically mounted disc and are known for their wide application range and shutoff capability. They are available for a variety of control and isolation service from cryogenic to high temp and pressure classes to ASME CL2500 and sizes from NPS 2 to 72.

POSI-SEAL High Performance Butterfly Valves are designed for isolation on/off service as well as low tier control. The POSI-SEAL valves feature keyed, double D or square valve shafts.  The POSI-SEAL valves are available in sizes NPS 2 to 72, pressure classes up to CL2500. Shutoff is provided by a variety of seals which include metal, PTFE and fire-tested and cryogenic.


  • Fisher 8510Fisher® 8510
    Fisher 8510 wafer valve has a splined shaft for throttling control. These valves feature an eccentrically mounted disk and a PTFE stainless steel seal ring.
  • 8510BFisher® 8510B
    Fisher 8510B  is a multi-class rated flangeless valve for throttling control. 8510B is available with a splined shaft or a double D shaft.
  • Fisher® 8532
    Fisher 8532 high-performance butterfly valve has a splined shaft for throttling control. With a variety of seals, it can be used in most industry applications.
  • Fisher 8560Fisher® 8560
    Fisher 8560 high-performance butterfly valves have a splined shaft for throttling control. With a variety of seals, it can be used in most industry applications.
  • Fisher® 8580
    Fisher 8580 rotary valves offer excellent throttling performance. An approximately linear flow characteristic provides precise throttling control.
  • Fisher® 8590
    Fisher 8590 rotary valves offer excellent throttling performance with a spline shaft and a linear flow characteristic. Square and keyed shaft options are also available for use in on-off service.
  • Control-DiskFisher® Control-Disk™
    Control-Disk rotary valves allow you to control closer to the target set point which results in a reduction in process variability.
  • POSI-SEAL A11Fisher® POSI-SEAL™ A11
    POSI-SEAL A11 butterfly valves feature a keyed or square-end shaft for on-off applications. Available in flangeless or a single-flange style.
  • Fisher POSI-SEAL A31Fisher® POSI-SEAL™ A31A
    POSI-SEAL A31A butterfly valves feature a keyed shaft for on-off service.  Available in either a flangeless or a single-flange.
  • Fisher POSI-SEAL A31DFisher® POSI-SEAL™ A31D
    POSI-SEAL A31D double-flange butterfly valves feature either a splined drive shaft or a keyed drive shaft for either throttling or on-off service.
  • Fisher POSI-SEAL A41Fisher® POSI-SEAL™ A41
    POSI-SEAL A41 high-performance butterfly valves feature a double D shaft for on-off service. A41 is part of the POSI-SEAL Package
  • Fisher® POSI-SEAL™ A81
    POSI-SEAL A81 rotary valve with FieldQ rack-and-pinion actuator offers automated on-off, quarter-turn performance.