Virtual Classroom Course Offerings 

Virtual Classroom –  delivering value based instruction to your desktop via a virtual classroom with live instructor interaction with full access to software systems.  

Save time and travel related expenses.  Achieve your training goals by utilizing Emerson’s Virtual Classroom.

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Why is Emerson’s Virtual Classroom the right choice?

Real-time Certified Instruction Austin based certified instructors deliver live classes on DeltaV training platforms direct to your desktop.  You connect directly to classroom based machines for the entire class!

Fewer expenses No shipping of equipment, no travel, no hassles.

Flexible class structure Select the right mix of DeltaV training to meet your needs delivered by subject matter experts of each course.

Virtual Classroom Course Offerings:

Machinery Health Manager

Introduction to AMS Machinery Manager, Course 2068V:
5/28, 9/3. 11/19

Intermediate AMS Machinery Manager, Course 2074V:  $2,050
6/11, 10/15

Advanced AMS Machinery Manager, Course 2070V: $2,050

AutoStat for AMS Machinery Manager, Course 2070CV:  $1,200 


DeltaV Implementation I, Course 7009V:   $3,050
5/12, 7/14, 9/8, 12/1

DeltaV Systems Batch Implementation 7016V:  $3,050   
4/7, 7/28, 9/22

DeltaV Implementation II, Course 7017V: $3,050  
6/2, 10/20

DeltaV Advanced Graphics, Course 7025V:  $3,075    

DeltaV Insight, Course 7201CV: $ 600

DeltaV Advanced Control, Course 7201V: $3,100    

DeltaV Model Predictive Control, Course 7202:  $2,450    
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DeltaV Advanced Control - Custom, Course 7203CV: $3,100    
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DeltaV SIS Implementation, 7305V: $3,100   
6/16, 11/17


Syncade Overview, Course 7080V: $1,200   
3/24, 4/7, 9/29

Syncade Document Control and Archiving, Course 7081V: 

Syncade Training and Development, Course 7082V:  $600   
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Syncade Equipment Tracking, Course 7083V $1,200   

Syncade Suite Materials, Inventory and Order Management, Course 7084V: $1,800    
4/9, 6/3

Syncade Recipe Authoring  Course 7095V:  $1,800     3/31, 10/6
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Call 800-338-8158 or 641-754-3771 or

What Do You Need for a Virtual Training Classroom?

Getting connected to your class is easy.  For more information on system requirements  click here. 

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