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FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Course Offerings

FOUNDATION fieldbusA FOUNDATION fieldbus system is a distributed system composed of field devices and control and monitoring equipment integrated into the physical environment of a plant or factory. Fieldbus devices work together to provide I/O and control for automated processes and operations.


  • Communication Interfaces with the DeltaV System
    This 3-day course covers the integration of fieldbus compliant devices using DeltaV systems.
  • Fieldbus Devices
    This 4-day lecture/lab course provides maximum hands-on experience working with FOUNDATION fieldbus instruments such as: the FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller, Rosemount Pressure and Temperature Transmitters.
  • Fieldbus Measurement Instruments
    This 4-day class covers the integration of FOUNDATION fieldbus compliant measure- ment devices using the Field Communicator, Emerson USB Fieldbus Modem, AMS Device Manager and other hosts.
  • Fieldbus Systems and Devices
    This course is for individuals responsible for installing, troubleshooting, calibrating and configuring FOUNDATION fieldbus instruments and control strategies using the Delta V scaleable systems.
  • FOUNDATION fieldbus FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller
    This course teachs technicians and engineers the basics of FOUNDATION fieldbus digital valve controller installation, configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting using 475 Field Communicator, and ValveLink software.
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