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Plant Optimization Course Offerings

Plant OptimizationToday's plant is a myriad of process control hardware and software.  Everything from valves to compressors, from level measurement  devices to real-time data servers,  and from boilers to condensers. 

Just operating this collection of technologies is challenging. Making them all work together
at their best to produce the best product at a profit is a daunting task. It takes more than just monitoring the process to be successful. It takes optimizing the devices and the process together in the right environment with people who have a clear understanding of both.

Working in a plant for long periods of time can create "legacy thinking," where even when it is in the best interest to change, nobody can bring themselves to do so because "that's the way we've always done it." Emerson's Educational Services offerings can show how to optimize existing equipment with new methods and technology. ​​/en-US/Documents/Chat-Now-Script-Edserv.txt​​​​​

  • ASM SuiteAMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager Course Offerings
    AMS Suite uses predictive intelligence to improve availability and performance of production assets including mechanical equipment, electrical systems, process equipment, instruments, and valves.
  • FOUNDATION fieldbusFOUNDATION™ fieldbus Course Offerings
    A fieldbus system is a distributed system composed of field devices and control and monitoring equipment integrated into the physical environment of a plant or factory.
  • Machinery Health Management Course Offerings
    Companies today rely on fewer people to do more work. That’s why the need for training is more critical than ever to achieve and maintain cost-effective maintenance programs. Emerson helps maximize the return on your investment in technology and people.
  • Process ControlProcess Control Course Offerings
    Students completing these courses receive a good grounding in process control principles and strategies, controller tuning, and loop dynamics as they relate to Fisher control valves.
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