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Regulators and Gas Control Training

Regulators and Gas ControlNo other natural gas regulator manufacturer in the world offers more products and local services dedicated to safe, effective applications than Regulator Technologies. We strive to be the leader in training the personnel of gas production, storage, pipeline, and distribution companies. Several courses covering the installation, troubleshooting, and adjustment of gas regulators and relief valves are available for gas regulator technicians at Regional Training Centers. Managers, engineers and technicians may wish to consider the Annual Gas Control Conferences. This 3-1/2 day event includes information from sizing and selection to troubleshooting. ​​​​​​​​​​
  • Gas Control Conference
    This conference is for those responsible for the selection, application and operation of regulators in the natural gas industry.
  • Gas Regulator Technician
    This 3-day course is designed primarily for technicians responsible for the installation and maintenance of regulators and relief valves.
  • Gas Regulator Troubleshooting
    This course is designed primarily for more senior technicians with responsibility for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting gas regulators.
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