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Gas Regulator Troubleshooting

Course 1106      CEUs: 2.1

This course is designed primarily for technicians with responsibility for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting gas regulators.


This 3-day course provides intensive hands-on training using the same regulators that are commonly used in the field. Actual gas regulator problems are simulated in the workshops, challenging the student to efficiently diagnose problems and restore the regulator to proper operation. Students who complete this course will:
•  efficiently and safely troubleshoot common regulator operational performance problems
•  understand the influence of the service
environment on regulator performance
•  understand the importance of correct  installation procedures
•  understand the role of correct sizing as it impacts regulator performance
•  perform maintenance on regulators and relief valves
•  troubleshoot field problems


Gas Regulator Technician, Course 1100, or 2 years’ experience with regulators.


•  Review:
- Self-Operated Regulator Fundamentals
- Pilot-Operated Regulator Fundamentals
 - Overpressure Protection
•  Sizing Overview for Technicians
•  Regulator Troubleshooting Principles, Procedures, and Best Practices
 - Failure Analysis
 - Stability Issues
 - Installation Practices
 - Pilot Interchangeability Practices
 - Advanced Monitor Operations and  

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