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Control Valves
Gas Analyzers
Gas Chromatographs
Liquid Instruments
Micro Motion
Regulators and Gas Control
Remote Automation Solutions
RA1200 ROC and FloBoss Engineering
RA1220 FloBoss Configuration and Operations
RA1240 ROC800 Series Configuration and Operations
RA1241 DS800 for ROC800 Series
RA1242 DL8000 Preset System Configuration
RA1244 ROC800L Configuration
RA331 ControlWave Configuration
RA3012V SmartProcess Production Applications Foundation
RA3013V SmartProcess Production Applications - Produced Fluids Management
RA3014V SmartProcess Production Applications- Well Operations and Optimization
RA423 Network Communications and Troubleshooting
RA440 ControlWave Designer Programming Short Course
RA441 ControlWave Designer Fundamentals
RA442V ControlWave® Designer Communications Programming
RA443 - CW Designer Accelerated
RA445 ControlWave Gas Measurement Products
RA447 Station Manager Configurations
RA701 OpenEnterprise for SCADA Systems - Basics Ver 2.8x
RA702V OpenEnterprise for SCADA Systems - Intermediate Ver 2.8x
RA703 OpenEnterprise for SCADA Systems - Accelerated Ver. 2.8x
RA801 OpenEnterprise for SCADA Systems Basic - Ver. 3x
RA802 OpenEnterprise for SCADA Systems Intermediate - Ver. 3.x
RA850V OpenEnterprise Enhancements for SCADA Systems - Ver. 3.x
RA900 ​FloBoss S600+ Operator
RA901V Config S600+ Pro FloBoss S600+ Advanced - Config600
RA902 FloBoss S600+ Combined - Config600
RA1250V Modbus Configuration for ROC800 and FloBoss
RA1220V FloBoss Configuration and Operation
Rosemount Tank Gauging
Roxar Flow Measurement
Valve Automation

Remote Automation Solutions Training

ROC and FloBossTraining for engineers and technicians using these flexible devices, which are widely used by natural gas production, pipeline, and distribution companies to measure and control gas flow, is scheduled regularly at regional training centers, and available elsewhere upon request

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