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Valve Maintenance with FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller

Course 1451      CEUs: 3.2

This introductory course is for valve mechanics, maintenance personnel, instrument technicians, and others who are responsible for maintaining control valves, actuators and control valve instrumentation.


This 4-1/2 day course will cover sliding stem and rotary valves and actuators, valve and actuator setup, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting, installation and calibration of the FIELDVUE digital valve controllers using the 475 Field communicator. An overview of  ValveLink Mobile will be included.


Experience in instrument calibration and in control valve maintenance, installation, and operation would be helpful.


•  Control Valve Terminology
•  Globe Valves/Packing
•  Actuators 
•  Bench Set
•  Ball Valves / Butterfly Valves / Eccentric Disc Valves
•  Valve Characteristics
•  FIELDVUETM Digital Valve Controller Theory of Operation
•  HART Communication Signal
•  FIELDVUE Instrument Installation
•  475 Field Communicator
•  Instrument Configuration and Calibration
•  Instrument Troubleshooting
•  Valvelink  Mobile Overview

Note: On-site training is 4-days.

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