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DeltaV OTS - A Solution that Delivers Skilled Operators and Operational Excellence

DeltaVOperator Training Solutions (OTS) is an engineered, hands-on, process-specific learning environment designed to up-skill our customers' operations workforce. DeltaV OTS exposes operators to what they will experience in their actual control room. This enables operations personnel to gain experience in an off-line, non-intrusive environment. Operators will learn DeltaV operating concepts while learning their actual process in preparation to effectively handle incidents or process upsets. The ability to practice how to handle potential incidents in a simulation environment is invaluable.

The DeltaV OTS training solution is not only key to preparing operations personnel prior to the start-up of new automation projects. It's an ongoing tool to train future operators, a great refresher tool and a platform for more advanced training for current operators.

OTS Proven 

DeltaV OTS includes the following key deliverables:
- Self-Guided Custom Curriculum Based on the Customer's Configuration and actual
- DeltaV Training Simulators that include both hardware and software that operate
  the customer configuration in a simulated environment
- Student Testing that includes realistic failure scenarios that record actual
  operator responses

Key tangible savings and benefits include:
- Quicker, Smoother Start-Ups
- Reduced Operator Error
- Product Loss Reduction/Elimination
- Improved Product Quality
- Regulatory Violation Reduction/Elimination
- Reduce Incident Reporting
- Operator Acceptance and Endorsement to Change Management

To discuss DeltaV OTS and simulation contact us at OTS@EmersonProcess.com

Download DeltaV OTS information:

- DeltaV Essential Operator Training Solution 
A New Approach to Operator Training White Paper
​- Emerson Complete Training Solutions
DeltaV OTS Express
- DeltaV OTS Express Facts
- DeltaV OTS Product Data Sheet 
- DeltaV Operator Training Solution Capabilities 

DeltaV OTS Learn More

- DeltaV OTS Presentation
- DeltaV OTS Demo

DeltaV OTS Customer Proven

- High-accuracy simulator trains offshore oil platform operators
Getting Real - Is your operator training simulator faithful to your plant?
Control magazine discussed this in a recent piece titled, "Getting Real - Is your operator training simulator faithful to your plant?" This article discusses a wide array of high, medium, and low fidelity simulators that can provide much needed training for plant operators. Mark O'Roskey discusses how Emerson's offering provides one or many "seats" for operators to experience process simulations as well as a offering a system that permits trainers to inject simulations of upsets, failed instruments and permits a record and rewind of the operator's actions to assist in getting a point across. If you are starting a new facility, are facing an unusual operation, like a planned shutdown, this piece may give you some perspective on what is available to help you avoid costly operator mistakes.

- A major pharmaceutical company stated they have “instituted the use of DeltaV OTS in our
  best practices document for facility training and start up based on the outstanding results
  of the first implementation.”

- Best practices have been implemented in two other world areas with similar results.

- Utilized DeltaV OTS for facility start up and recovery from batch failures which “saved  
   weeks of time during start up and hundreds of thousands of dollars.”  ​​​​​​​

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