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OV010-WIN - Ovation Operator
OV100-WIN - Starting with Data Acquisition
OV115-WIN - Solaris to Windows Upgrade
OV200-WIN - Building & Maintaining Ovation Control
OV210-WIN - Building Ovation Graphics
OV215-WIN - Ovation Software Project
OV216-WIN - Ovation Hardware Project
OV230-WIN - Ovation System Administration
OV240-WIN - Ovation Enterprise Historian
OV245-WIN - Ovation Process Historian
OV246-WIN - Ovation Report Building
OV265 - Ovation Expert Transition
OV270-WIN - Ovation with HART and Smart Devices
OV275-WIN - AMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager
OV280-WIN - Ovation SCADA System
OV295-WIN - Ovation Third-Party IO Interfaces
OV300-WIN - Ovation Troubleshooting
OV310-WIN - Advanced Ovation Graphics
OV315-WIN - Ovation Global Performance Advisor
OV320-WIN - Ovation Network Administration
OV330 - Ovation Advanced Control
OV340-WIN - Ovation Applications with Fieldbus
OV345-WIN - Ovation Applications with DeviceNet
OV350-WIN - Ovation Applications with Profibus
OV360-WIN - Ovation Security
OV365-WIN - Ovation Security Center
OV366-WIN - Nitro Report Building
OV370-WIN - Ovation Steam Turbine Control
OV375-WIN - Steam Turbine Mechanical Hydraulics
OV376-WIN - Digital Generator Control
OV380-WIN - Ovation Boiler Control
OV400-WIN - Ovation Certification
OV420-WIN - Ovation (Admin) Certification
OV430-WIN - Ovation (Security) Certification
Simulator Instructor Station
Simulator Instructor Training
Simulator Training for Experienced Operators
Simulator Training for New Operators
RS3 Systems


Designed for the Ovation™ platform, these courses cover the setup, configuration, maintenance, and administration of the system. All Ovation courses, with the exception of OV200-WIN 3.0.X, will be taught on Ovation 3.3 or later level software with the Windows 7 Operating System.
Advanced Ovation Graphics (for Windows)
Uses application programs and advanced programming techniques, including the use of memory segments combined with pointer manipulation, to enhance advanced graphic programming skills.
AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
The three day course provides thorough information on how to configure and use AMS Intelligent Device Manager (DM) with your Ovation DCS.
Building & Maintaining Ovation Control
OV200-WIN is designed to provide proficiency in reading Ovation functional control schemes. Tuning, building and implementing new control schemes to improve performance are also covered.
Building Ovation Graphics (for Windows)
Covers building Ovation system graphic diagrams and using the Ovation Graphics Builder.
Digital Generator Control
This course provides the history and fundamentals of generator excitation with an overview of the excitation types and concepts of SCR bridges.
The Enterprise Data Server (EDS) course is a four day class designed to give the students a detailed understanding of the EDS.
Nitro Report Building
This course focuses on Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) reporting through the Nitroview/McAfee module of the Ovation Security Center.
Ovation (Admin) Certification
Offered as a stand-alone web-based exam or implemented with a pre-testing review, the OV420-WIN measures the student’s proficiency in areas that address the overall Ovation system configuration while maintaining the integrity of the system software.
Ovation (Security) Certification
Offered as a stand-alone web-based exam or implemented with a pre-testing review and exam, the OV430-WIN measures the student’s proficiency in applying security packages and to manage, enhance and update the cyber security of the Ovation Control System.
Ovation Advanced Control
Builds off of previous control-building knowledge to teach implementation of control design.
Ovation Applications with DeviceNet
This course will provide a thorough explanation of DeviceNet applications as applied to an Ovation system.
Ovation Applications with Fieldbus
Offers a thorough knowledge of fieldbus applications as applied to an Ovation system.
Ovation Applications with Profibus
This course will provide students with a thorough explanation of Profibus applications as applied to an Ovation system.
Ovation Boiler Control
Reviews standard control logic used in Ovation systems for a typical, coal-fired, drum-type boiler.
Ovation Certification (for Windows)
Measures a student’s proficiency in all aspects of Ovation system administration, configuration, and operation.
Ovation Enterprise Historian
This course will teach students to set-up and retrieve historical and real-time data using the Historian.
Ovation Expert Transition
This course will provide the user with proficiency in updating the Ovation interface after a change has been made to the Bailey I/O.
Ovation Global Performance Advisor
This course provides an overview of the Emerson Mechanical Hydraulic Products and instructions on how to maintain the Emerson Equipment.
Ovation Hardware Project
Developed for personnel whose primary interest and/or assignment is maintaining Ovation Hardware.
Ovation Network Administration (for Windows)
Provides an understanding of general networking concepts, as well as Ovation-specific network configurations for Fast Ethernet systems.
Ovation Operator (for Windows)
Provides the ability to use the Ovation system to perform Trends, understand Alarming, Point (tag) details and searches as well review graphics.
Ovation OPH Report Building
This course will teach students to configure and retrieve historical data using the Ovation Process Historian (OPH) and Crystal Reports.
Ovation Process Historian
Provides knowledge to setup and configure the Ovation Process Historian to retrieve real-time and historical data.
Ovation SCADA System
Teaches the basic components of an Ovation SCADA system.
Ovation Security Center
The Ovation Security Center (OSC) course consists of a suite of security packages and services that allow the attending student to enhance and manage the cyber security of Ovation Distributive Control System without disrupting the controlled process.
Ovation Security for 2.4 and Higher Level Systems
Guides students in the proper planning and installation of security for Ovation systems version 2.4 and later.
Ovation Software Project
Contains and connects software topic segments from five different Ovation one-week courses: OV100, OV200, OV210, OV230 and OV300.
Ovation Steam Turbine Control
Examines the Ovation steam turbine control system functions, including operation, graphics, and control logic, using tie-back simulators.
Ovation System Administration (for Windows)
Addresses configuring the system and maintaining the integrity of Ovation system software.
Ovation Third-Party I/O Interfaces (for Windows)
The course teaches students how to create specialized I/O links to non-Ovation field devices using both serial link modules and the Ovation Ethernet highway.
Ovation Troubleshooting (for Windows)
Provides the skills and methods to troubleshoot and repair faults in the data acquisition and control functions of the Ovation system.
Ovation with HART and Smart Devices (for Windows)
Provides the skills to fully utilize the special features of I/O related to HART and smart field devices attached to their Ovation system.
Simulator Instructor Station
Simulator Instructor Station training course
Simulator Instructor Training
Teaches instructors the process of planning, preparing, validating, executing, and evaluating simulator training sessions for plant operators.
Simulator Training for Experienced Operators
Applies the customer’s simulator to exercise, refresh and test the operating skills of experienced plant operators.
Simulator Training for New Operators
Applies the customer’s simulator to develop the operating skills of new plant operators.
Solaris to Windows Upgrade
Designed to teach the Ovation Windows 3.5 software utility packages from a higher level.
Starting with Data Acquisition (for Windows)
Reviews the major components in an Ovation System (controllers, network switches, Operator Station and Engineer Station).
Steam Turbine Mechanical Hydraulics
This course provides expert knowledge of the Emerson Mechanical Hydraulic Products. Students will also learn how to maintain the Emerson Equipment.
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