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DeltaV Systems Training

DeltaVEducational Services for DeltaV distributed control systems (DCS) and DeltaV safety instrumented systems (SIS) provides a broad curriculum. With more than 60 global training centers and over 300 courses available, Emerson Experts will work with you to define the appropriate subject matter and right approach to satisfy your training needs. DeltaV systems courses include customized, flexible, options designed to ensure your staff receives measurable, hands-on training for real-life situations.

Personnel Trainin​g Needs
Courses for Engineering, Operations and Maintenance training help you get up to speed quickly on the DeltaV system, which is easy to learn, use and maintain. See a list of courses below, or use the Course Advisor to help determine which course is best to meet the needs for engineers, technicians, operators, and anyone else who needs to know the installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and operation best practices of the DeltaV systems.​

Additionally, Operator Training Solutions include three options — Essential, Express and Elite — of customized curriculum packages that expose operators to what they will experience in their actual control room in a simulated environment. The DeltaV Essential Operator Training Solution​ is an affordable and effective training program for your operations personnel.

Training Delivery Methods
Emerson offers four delivery methods for successful DeltaV system training:

  • Traditional Classroom offerings utilize an instructor-led “learn by doing” method that lends itself to better retention and application, which can dramatically boost your personnel’s skills and performance. Courses can be taken at an Emerson regional training center, at a local site, or in your facility. Instructor-led classes provide local language support with the equipment and tools necessary for hands-on deep dives into engineering, maintenance, and operations knowledge.
  • Virtual Classroom​ delivers traditional courses from certified instructors to students via the internet. With Virtual Classroom, Emerson facilitates a hands-on, learn-by-doing experience by connecting students in a virtual environment. An instructor, based at an Emerson facility, leads virtual learning classes while students in their own locations interact with instructors, the equipment, and other students in real-time.
  • eLearning s​elf-paced training offers software and operator simulations with custom courseware. In an eLearning setting, students learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, online with no travel required. A Learning Management System (LMS) monitors their hands-on learning progress.
  • Blended Learning offers greater ease of access with relevant, practical, professional training tailored to meet specific needs using smart technology. This type of training combines different learning methods and relies on digital and online technologies to deliver training in the most convenient and effective manner.

Educational Services Videos

Introducing Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom delivers tra​ditional courses from certified ins​tructors to students via the internet.
​​​ Benefits of Virtual Classroom
With Virtual Classroom, Emerson facilitates a han​ds-on, learn-by-doing experience by connecting students in a virtual environment.

​DeltaV Essential Operator Training Solution
​See how DeltaV Essential OTS helps customers solve challenges like training new personnel on monitoring/controlling their DeltaV DCS system.

To request training for a specific need, please email DeltaVspecialcourserequests@emerson.com

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