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Alliance Products | DeltaV

Eliminate Surprises – Alliance Products work seamlessly with the DeltaV Platform

One of the fundamental building blocks of the DeltaV™ Distributed Control System (DCS) is its ability to easily integrate with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies. Though integration with the DeltaV platform is easily achieved, customers demand assurances that these third-party products will cause no disruption to their plant operations. The Alliance Program delivers this assurance by addressing common customer requirements not provided with Emerson products with third-party products and services.  Selected products and services are reviewed and when needed submitted to rigorous testing procedures. 

Customers who purchase products from the Alliance Program get these benefits: 

  • Products endorsed for interoperability with the DeltaV platform
  • Investigation of interoperability problems with Alliance products by Global Support Centers
  • Coordinated Global support with Alliance partners
  • Complete solution longevity and stability carried through revisions to the DeltaV platform​
 ​​​​The goal of the Alliance Program is to provide complete automation solutions that mitigate risk and reduce the cost and implementation time for our customers. Our Alliance partners are selected because they are recognized market leaders and provide best-in-class products, services and expertise.  Together, Emerson and our Alliance Program partners stand behind the combined solutions we offer around the DeltaV Distributed Control System (DCS).

While other Alliance programs would claim that offering an infinite number of products and partners would benefit its customers, Emerson takes the markedly different approach, believing that less is more. We’re not interested in the product churn and obsolescence witnessed in the consumer market. We, like you, are interested in product longevity and stability.  Emerson provides Alliance product interoperability investigations to any Guardian Support customer. Alliance product support and warranty issues are handled directly with the Alliance partner.​