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Advanced Control | DeltaV

Advanced Control

Optimize Control with an Array o​f Embedded Advanced Control Applications

Manufacturers are being asked to do more with less: improve process performance with fewer engineers, increase reliability with lower maintenance budgets, and guarantee quality during changing conditions. Advanced control has proven to be an effective tool in optimizing operations, reliability, and quality but can be expensive to implementation and maintain on traditional control systems.

DeltaV Advanced Control provides a full array of applications including model predictive control, loop monitoring and adaptive tuning, quality prediction, and constrained optimization. Unlike other control systems, DeltaV Advanced Control is embedded in the system, using the same engineering environment, configuration database, and controller platform for unprecedented availability and ease of use.

DeltaV Embedded Advanced Control products include:

  • DeltaV InSight for control loop performance monitoring and tuning
  • DeltaV Adapt for closed loop adaptive PID control
  • DeltaV Fuzzy for non-linear single loop control
  • DeltaV Neural online soft sensor for non-linear property estimation
  • DeltaV PredictPro for multi-variable model predictive control (MPC) and optimization.
DocumentationFeatures & BenefitsSpecifications
 Magazine Articles
 User-Friendly Advanced Control
215 KBpdfOctober 2006
 Product & Service Documentation
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 DeltaV Adapt - Continuous Closed Loop Adaptive Control
Allows you to locate full-function DeltaV operator and engineering workstations remote from the DeltaV LAN.
657 KBpdfSeptember 2009
 DeltaV Fuzzy
Address difficult single input/output control problems with a fuzzy logic control block as easy to implement as a PID block.
665 KBpdfJanuary 2013
 DeltaV InSight
Enables process manufacturers to improve process control by monitoring control performance; identifying and diagnosing problem loops; recommending tuning and maintenance improvements; and continuously adapting to changing process conditions.
1 MBpdfOctober 2017
 DeltaV Neural
DeltaV Neural provides easy-to-use tools for developing and training the neural network model.
621 KBpdfJanuary 2013
 DeltaV Predict and DeltaV PredictPro
Powerful model predictive control and optimization available in every DeltaV system.
852 KBpdfAugust 2017
 EnTech Toolkit
EnTech Toolkit is an easy-to-use, PC-based solution that distills twenty years of direct experience in helping clients understand and solve their most complex process control problems.
1 MBpdfJune 2017
 Technical White Papers
 DeltaV InSight for Intelligent Process Control
DeltaV InSight improves plant performance with intelligent monitoring, diagnostics, and adaptive controller tuning.
850 KBpdfJuly 2011
 Fast Control Requirement
This document describes how fast loop control specifications are achieved, using DeltaV and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus with Control in the Field.
684 KBpdfMarch 20101
 Key Features of the DeltaV PID Function Block
Highlights several features of the DeltaV PID function that were not historically found in other PID function blocks.
689 KBpdfJune 2007

Featured Resources

DeltaV InSight for Intelligent Control
Improve plant performance with intelligent monitoring, diagnostics, and adaptive controller tuning.

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Advanced Control Foundation
Explore on-line workshops with concepts that are needed to apply advanced control​ in the process industry.

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User-Friendly Advanced Control
Browse an article by CONTROL Magazine discussing DeltaV’s embedded advanced controls.


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