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I/O Anywhere you need it

DeltaV SIS Hardware
The DeltaV SIS process safety system has a uniquely scalable modular architecture that is based on the CHARMs Smart Logic Solver (CSLS) and the unprecedented flexibility and ease of use of the Emerson Electronic Marshalling solution. Each CSLS provides I/O processing, SIL 3-capable logic solving, and diagnostics in a single logic solver. The CSLS supports up to 96 individually configurable channels, allowing flexibility for implementing safety instrumented functions and is designed specifically for multi-core home run cables or field junction box installation. All communications are completely redundant from the channel (LS CHARM) to the CSLS. Integrated HART® I/O brings field diagnostics into the CSLS.


  • Optimized process reliability
  • Simplified safety lifecycle management
  • Flexibility to meet project needs
  • I/O Anywhere you need it
  • Reduces installed cost of system
  • Field mounted capable hardware


DeltaV SIS Safety Lifecycle Management Workbook