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Standards-based environment

DeltaV SIS™ provides IEC 61508 certified function blocks with the benefits of advanced engineering technology, such as drag-and-drop configuration, comprehensive security, and explorer-based software for intuitive project implementation. These powerful function blocks simplify configuration and troubleshooting by letting you configure in a single module all safety logic needed for voting, sequencing and/or alarming.

The engineering software allows you to manage all aspects of your system configuration, including hardware, control strategies, built-in change management, and history. The version control feature makes managing required safety logic modifications easy.

Additional engineering functionality that helps ensure easy compliance with IEC61511 safety standard includes:

  • Built-in alarm state engine per EEMUA 191 standard 
  • Built-in sequence-of-events handler 
  • Optional operator interface 
  • Built-in bypass handling 
  • Built-in override bundling

For DeltaV™ BPCS users, the integrated configuration environment simplifies and streamlines the engineering effort. This integrated approach eliminates time-wasting, difficult-to-maintain data mapping and handshaking logic that is common with disparate systems. 

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