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​Dantorque a.s., founded in Esbjerg, Denmark in 1989, developed and marketed specialized subsea valve actuation products. Dantorque quickly established itself as a subsea market leader and in other valve automation general applications. Although specialized in subsea valve actuation, Dantorque also markets and manufactures a compact range of actuators aimed at general purpose valve applications. Globally Dantorque manufactures a wide range of double-acting (type DTU) and fail-safe spring return (type DTUS) hydraulically operated actuators.

Dantorque meets certifications:

  • ISO 9001 (CEN-EN 29001)
  • BS 5750, Part 1 for the United Kingdom
  • ANSI / ASQC Q91 for the United States

Dantorque products and services are systematically quality controlled ensuring customer requirements and expectations fully are met. With a comprehensive list of project references and successful completion of many demanding projects, Dantorque actuators and associated products are built for the harshest of environments.

Fundamentally, Dantorque actuators are self-contained cylindrical units which converts a hydraulic input into a pure torque output. For instance, the overall layout of the Dantorque subsea actuator is extremely simple. It uses a minimum of components, and is compact due to the primarily helical piston movement design.

The Dantorque subsea actuator was designed to last in operations for 30 years and at customer required water depths. The Dantorque actuator can be built for installations in water 1,000 meters. The rugged subsea actuator produces a linear output torque thus eliminating concerns about a “low point” in the torque characteristic typical of scotch yoke drive mechanisms. To eliminate the possibility of incorrect adjustment and to avoid damage to the valve stem, the Dantorque subsea actuator features internal and permanently fixed valve stops. The valve stops are provided by large machined faces within the actuator. The Dantorque subsea actuator is available in versions capable of operating under full line pressure from the pipeline, as a result of a valve stem seal failure, or as a result of the actuator being an integral part of the valve bonnet. Also Dantorque developed a special application for deep water ballast applications allowing the actuator design modified to incorporate a “built-in” hydraulic bypass feature activated automatically when overriding the actuator by ROV.