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Daniel Provers

Minimizing uncertainty

The need for proving arises because operating conditions differ significantly from the conditions under which the meter is calibrated. Daniel provers enables an automated system for proving liquid flow meters such as turbine, vortex, positive displacement, magnetic, Coriolis as well as ultrasonic flow meters in both laboratory and field conditions.

Daniel provers can be tailored to meet specific application needs and are used for various meter sizes and flow conditions to help establish reference point under operating conditions (initial installation), account for changes in meter accuracy, verify repeatability / linearity of meter, and satisfy custody transfer contractual requirements.


  • Pipe ProverDaniel Pipe Provers
    Daniel pipe provers include ball type bi-directional and uni-directional, and piston type for low temperature. They provide on-site meter calibration with liquid at operating conditions, minimizing uncertainty of metered volumes and automating operation.
  • Daniel Small Volume Provers
    Compact Provers are used for rapid, accurate calibration of a wide range of flow measurement technologies. Applications range from load rack, crude and refined product pipelines and marine terminals to offshore platforms and FPSOs.
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