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Small Volume Provers

Simplifying field calibration

The Compact Prover provides high accuracy, rapid operation and continuous flow for proving a flow meter in an operational line. This is accomplished without interrupting normal flow and without the use of manually operated bypass valves.

Its unique design features a patented piston assembly with an internal poppet valve in conjunction with optical position sensing, hydraulic piston return, pneumatic piston
actuation and modern data processing techniques. The result is a complete packaged proving system significantly reduced in size, weight and cost while equaling or exceeding the performance of conventional provers.

The Compact Prover offers flexible mounting configurations on a truck or trailer for field proving of flow meters, or can be permanently installed in a testing facility either vertically or horizontally.

Pulse interpolation electronics permit exact time determination and pulse counting which provides high accuracy proving with a smaller volume and fewer flow meter pulses than any previous prover technology. The use of a small displacement volume is made possible by the high resolution of the Compact Prover which is attributed to two major factors; precision optical switches, and data acquisition using double chronometry.

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 Magazine Articles
 Article - When Oil and Gas Measurement Matters
794 KBpdf
 Custody Transfer - Flowmeter as Cash Register
543 KBpdf
 Oil and Gas Custody Transfer - When Money Changes Hands, Flow Measurement Accuracy Matters - Petroleum Africa Magazine
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 Product & Service Documentation
 Brochure - Oil and Gas Flow Solutions for Fiscal Measurement
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 Daniel Life-Cycle Services - Compact Prover Inspection and Refurbishment Service Flyer
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 Daniel Life-Cycle Services - Mobile Prover Calibration Service in the US Flyer
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 Daniel Provers - Compact Prover Brochure
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 Daniel Provers - Compact Prover Calibration Integrity Seal Installation Procedure Flyer
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 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 Daniel Liquid and Gas Products, Systems and Services Catalog
12 MBpdfApril 2015
 Daniel Provers - Compact Prover Data Sheet
1 MBpdf
 Manuals & Guides
 Daniel Provers - Compact Prover Operation and Maintenance Manual
3 MBpdfAugust 2014J
 Daniel Compact Prover - 12/24V Interface Board Retrofit Instructions Bulletin
71 KBpdfJuly 2002
 Daniel Compact Prover - Optical Conversion Kit Instruction Sheet Bulletin
119 KBpdfDecember 20012
 Daniel Compact Prover - Optical Switch Replacemetn Bulletin
120 KBpdfDecember 20012
 Daniel Compact Prover - Troubleshooting the Comact Prover Auto plenum Adjustment Panel Bulletin
56 KBpdfApril 2012
 Daniel Provers - Compact Prover Information Bulletin
2 MBpdf
 Proven Results
 Proving Systems - Proving of Flow Meters on Volumetric and Mass Basis Quantified Business Results
236 KBpdf
 Training & Demos
 Technology Descriptions
 Daniel Provers - Field Proving of Custody Transfer Liquid Ultrasonic Meters Webinar
5 MBwmv
Compact Prover
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