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Daniel Metering Systems

Multi-disciplinary expertise

Daniel combines customized engineering capabilities, reliable products, best-in-class consulting and project management with industry expertise and lifecycle services to provide innovative, integrated custody transfer metering systems for both liquid and gas measurement.

From the simplest single-stream skid to complex on-site installations, Daniel metering systems are manufactured to global product and fiscal metering standards such as CE, UL, PED, ATEX, DIN, IED, NACE, ANSI, ASTM, AGA, ISO, and OIML. These solutions typically include meters, valves, provers, control panels, user interfaces, software and hardware, and are seamlessly integrated to maximize measurement accuracy and minimize risk.

  • Daniel Integrated Metering Systems
    Daniel combines customized engineering capabilities and reliable project management with industry expertise to provide integrated fiscal metering systems for both liquid and gas applications.
  • DanPac Process Acquisition Controller
    DanPac Process Acquisition Controller system delivers extensive reporting capabilities, providing accurate measurement and control of oil and gas fiscal metering installations.
  • ProversDaniel Provers
    Daniel flow meter provers are essential in ensuring sustainable measurement and appropriate compliance to accuracy and repeatability requirements over time.
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"It was very important for us to make sure the system which we choose is very reliable and credible.  And having that as a baseline, we were finally ready to go for Daniel."

Jagdeep Chhaya
Head - Pipeline and Land Acquisition
Cairn India Limited
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