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Documentation and Downloads

Locating Documents

Choose any of the following three ways to locate manuals, data sheets and other documentation:

  • ​Click on the product links below to find the corresponding documentation for each listed product. The link will take you to the product page which hosts a documentation tab on the lower section of the product page. All files are sorted by document type. Click on the [+] to expand the list of each document type. ​


  • You may also use our Find It Fast search option located on the right side of this page and on other Daniel product web pages.​


  • In addition, you may ​use the Search box in the upper right corner of this, or any page, to find the documents you are looking for. For example, if you need an Operation Manual for a 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Meter, type 3812 Ultrasonic Meter Operation Manual into the search box and press Enter.  

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Dual-Configuration 3417 Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter​
Dual-Configuration 3415 and 3416 Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters​
SeniorSonic 3414 Four-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter​
​​JuniorSonic 3411 One-Path and 3412 Two-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Gas Ultrasonic Transducers​
3814 Four-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter
3812 ​T​wo-Path Liquid ​Ultrasonic Flow Meter
3818 Eight-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter
3410/3810 Series Electronics for Ultrasonic Flow Meters
MeterLink - Ultrasonic Flow Meter Diagnostics Software
SeniorSoni​c 3404 Four-Path Gas ​Ultrasonic Flow Meter​ with Mark III Electronics
JuniorSonic 3401 One-Path and 3402 Two-Path Gas ​​Ultrasonic Flow Mete​r with Mark III Electronics
3804 ​Four-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter with 3804 Electronics
Mark III Electronics​​​

Differential Pressure
Orifice Fitting - Senior
Orifice Fitting - Junior
Orifice Fitting - Simplex
Orifice Flange Union
Meter Tubes
Venturi Tubes
Flow Nozzles​
Flowel 4 - Orifice plate, nozzle and venturi sizing software  
Orifice Plates

Turbine Flow Meters
1500 Liquid ​Turbine Meter with Local Mounted Enclosure
1200 Liquid ​Turbine Meter with Local Mounted Enclosure
1500 Liquid ​Turbine Meter with Universal Moun​ting Box​
1200 Liquid ​Turbine Mete​r with Universal Mounting Box
500 Liquid Turbine Meter
Liquid PT Turbine Meter
CRA Liquid Turbine Meter
Daniel DRT-899 Pulse Input Rate/Totalizer
Daniel Preamplifiers​​

Control Valves
Series 500 Power Cylinder Operated Control Val​ve
Series 600 Aircraft Refueling Control Valve
Series 700 External Pilot Control Valve
Series 700 Nitrogen Loaded Control Valve

Metering Systems
DanPac ​Measurement and Control System
DanPac Express Process Acquisition Controller
Integrated Metering System​s
Pipe Prover​s
Small Volume Prover​s​
FlareCheck - Flaring and venting estimating software for natural gas
FlowCheck - Hydrocarbon gas and liquid calculation software
Flowel 4 - Orifice plate, nozzle and venturi sizing software 

Flow Accessories
Daniel DRT-899 Pulse Input Rate/Totalizer 
Daniel Preamplifiers​ 
Flow Conditioner
Straightening Vanes

Lifecycle Services
Daniel 3410 Series Electronics Upgrade for Gas Ultrasonic Meters 
DanPac Measurement and Control System Upgrade

Daniel Meter Inspection and Recertification
Daniel Compact Prover Inspection and Refurbishment
Daniel  Preventive Maintenance
Daniel Metering Equipment Audit
Daniel Measurement Uncertainty Analysis
Daniel Remote Performance Verification and Diagnostics
Daniel Warranty Plus
Daniel Start-up and Commissioning Services
Daniel Training Porgrams

Firmware and Software Downloads

Firmware and Software Downloads for Daniel Ultrasonic Meters

Sizing Tools

Gas Ultrasonic Mete​r Sizing Tool
Liquid Ultrasonic Mete​r​ Sizing Tool​
Liquid Turbine Meter Sizing Tool
Liquid Control Valve Sizing Tool
Orifice Fitting Flow Calculator​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​