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Daniel Control Valves

Exact control at any flow level

Designed to meet the challenges of today's petroleum and environmental needs, Daniel control valves are balanced piston, spring biased, and pilot operated control valves that can be configured to perform a wide range of control functions. Typical applications include loading terminals, pipelines, aircraft refueling, flow rate control, on-off control, pressure control, surge relief, pump control or tank safety.

The linear operating characteristics of Daniel control valves deliver precise control and uniform speed of response, and their modular construction allow easy in-line services, reducing maintenance and increasing operation uptime. In addition, velocity induced wear is extremely minimized with a seating surface located out of flow path.

  • Daniel Model 788 Digital Control Valve
    Ideal for loading and off-loading operations, this digital control valve provides precise flow rate control and batch delivery of fluid products when used with an electronic batch control device (preset).
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