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Firmware and Software Downloads for Daniel Ultrasonic Meters

Optimize meter performance with firmware and software updates

To keep your Daniel Gas or Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter in peak operating condition, it is important to update both the electronics’ firmware as well as the MeterLink Software on an ongoing basis. Each firmware and software enhancement is thoroughly tested prior to release to ensure the result is optimized ultrasonic meter performance. 

Prior to installation, please review the firmware reference materials noted below. Carefully select the document that applies to the type of electronics supplied with your Daniel ultrasonic meter. If you require technical assistance, please contact our Service Department.

Important Firmware Guidelines (v1.78 and later) for Mark III and 3804 Electronics

Firmware v1.78 and later version can be downloaded with any MeterLink version. However, to successfully configure firmware v1.78 and later versions, it is necessary to install Daniel MeterLink Software v1.21 or later. If using a “direct connection” (serial cable) to firmware v1.36 or an earlier version, it is recommended that the firmware be upgraded using Daniel CUI Software before upgrading to MeterLink.
Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meters ​

Firmware and Software Downloads

To start the download process, simply select your Daniel meter model from the chart below.

Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters



Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meters



Update Software to Optimize Firmware
To successfully configure the latest firmware, it is recommended that the latest version of Daniel MeterLink be installed prior to installation of the firmware. This important step will ensure optimization of new features within the firmware as well as minimize troubleshooting and help enhance overall meter performance. Please refer to the MeterLink page to confirm if your meter is running the latest version available. If you require technical assistance, please contact our Service Department.​​​​​​​​​​​​​