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Daniel Matters



October 2013

  • To address customer needs with greater speed and efficiency, we have invested in a more robust information system that will help streamline processes throughout our business. 






September 2013


What if you could...

  • Verify the contractually stipulated static tank measurements and reduce measurement uncertainty tied directly to financial exposure in LNG custody transfer transactions? 
  • Improve process management and plant operational efficiency?

Find out how to mitigate financial risk in LNG custody transfer with dynamic flow measurement.  


August 2013

  • To find out how you can get your production on line earlier, improve operational efficiency, and optimize product transportation and quality, visit us at Booth 7101 at the 2013 DUG Eagle Ford Conference. Read more >
  • Join us at the 2013 ASGMT for hands-on classes, plant tour, educational exhibit and hospitality event.

February 2013

  • The significant generational knowledge gap facing the oil and gas industry is well known. Through fluctuations in oil and gas prices, custody transfer metering expertise has remained a highly sought after specialty.  
  • Daniel Measurement Services can help elevate your flow measurement knowledge and hone your craft through comprehensive product training with hands-on experience.  Read more > 



December 2012


  • Working to provide you with accurate flow metering products and systems along with reliable life-cycle services is a resolution we have kept through the years.
  • We thank you for a truly amazing year and we wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.


May 2012


April 2012

  • Watch this video to find out why Cairn India Limited chose Emerson’s Daniel to solve the challenge of designing, constructing and commissioning a metering system that can accurately measure the heavy, waxy oil transported to multiple refineries throughout India. 
  • See Oilfield Technology magazine article, Custody Battles, for more details about the challenges associated with Cairn project and the solutions applied to ensure successful oil custody transfer.

 February 2012

  • Control Global magazine readers rank Daniel ultrasonic and turbine meters "best-in-class"
  • Daniel 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter wins 2012 Control Engineering Engineers' Choice award
  • Join your peers on the Emerson Exchange 365 online community to connect with other Emerson customers, and share knowledge.

 September 2011

  • Learn about common causes of pressure surges in pipelines and marine loading and unloading
  • How to select the right surge relief valve
  • Surge relief solutions - From single-valve installations to complex turnkey skid mounted systems

 July 2011

  • New Daniel 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Meter with integrated diagnostics package provides accurate and repeatable flow measurement for petrochemical, oil, water and wastewater industries
  • Find out how the 3812 provides significant capital and operating cost savings in non-custody transfer applications


05.11 Daniel Matters

May 2011

  • Upgrade your legacy Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI) to MeterLink, Daniel's new ultrasonic suite of diagnostics
  • Find out how MeterLink can help you unleash your meter's Continuous Flow Analysis feature
  • Emerson opens new engineering and development center in Asia

January 2011

  • Designing and building a custody transfer metering system is best left to experts
  • Custody transfer measurement and control in standardized package
  • Emerson to provide critical technologies for new oil terminal in southern Iraq
  • 2011 measurement training classes

June 2010

  • The challenges of viscous fluids
  • Signal quality and detection, and transducer selection
  • High viscosity and its impact on flow profile
  • Advantages of using ultrasonic meters in high viscosity applications
  • Count on Daniel 3804 liquid ultrasonic meter to handle the viscosity

December 2009

  • Wishing you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year



November 2009

  • Overcome Uncertainty webinar - Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 @ 8 a.m. CST
  • Learn how advanced real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities of Daniel ultrasonic meters will not only reduce your measurement uncertainty and improve uptime, but will also help you rethink measurement practices for bottom line improvement.

September 2009


July 2009
  • Daniel provides the highest temperature compact prover in the world
  • Daniel delivers the largest portable prover in North America
  • Best practices for successful proving
  • Why a Daniel compact prover?
June 2009
  • Shale gas producers choose Daniel dual-chamber orifice fittings
  • Daniel's new patented orifice plate holder delivers measurement accuracy
  • Daniel technologies and expertise result in first-of-a-kind fittings
  March 2009
  • Daniel unveils Series 500 Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
   January 2009
  • New DanPac controller system delivers accurate measurement and optimum control for oil and gas custody tranfer
  • New white papers - surge relief systems
  • 2009 Control Readers' Choice Awards - Users have once again voted Daniel flow turbine meter as the turbine meter of choice
   December 2008
  • New interactive demo now available - Discover how Daniel Senior Model 2000 Orifice Fitting extends the proven technology of the original C-Style
  • Comprehensive flow measurement life-cycle services to help you minimize measurement uncertainty and cost of ownership
  • New white paper - on-line condition based monitoring of gas ultrasonic meters
  • Emerson wins a contract to install liquid metering systems for Suncor Energy's Voyageur Upgrader






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