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Daniel Model 3812 Two-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter

A reliable and economical metering solution for non-custody transfer applications

Designed for reliable measurement, minimal maintenance and ease of operation, the 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a cost-effective metering solution for many applications in the petrochemical, oil, water and wastewater industries.

Reliable measurement

  • Operators don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for repeatability.  The 3812 Ultrasonic Flow Meter measures liquid products with a high accuracy of ±0.3% and repeatability of ±0.1% due to sophisticated algorithms and the configuration of its measuring paths
  • Innovative electronics combined with advanced digital signal processing make the 3812 less sensitive to changes in the flow profile, solids or entrained air, which results in accurate and stable measurement
  • Utilizes two mid-radius, parallel-plane measurement paths and offers a high degree of immunity to disturbed flow profiles

Minimal maintenance

  • Field replaceable transducers reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime
  • No internal moving parts to wear or drift provides for low pressure drop, increased energy savings, and maintenance-free service
  • Unobstructed flow tube with smooth surface finish inhibits material build-up

Ease of operation

  • No need for additional arrangements such as filters, flow strainers, supports, grounding or isolation against vibrations
  • Smart wireless THUM adapter allows wireless access to flow meter diagnostics without the need for any additional wiring
  • Integrated smart MeterLink diagnostics allow operators access to real-time process conditions and meter health

Cost-effective metering

The 3812 provides significant capital and operating cost savings when compared with traditional technologies such as DP meters due to:

  • High capacity and rangeability affording reduced station footprint
  • Low maintenance costs
  • One meter  for a wide spectrum of applications keeps engineering and inventory costs to a minimum
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 Magazine Articles
 Article - When Oil and Gas Measurement Matters
794 KBpdf
 Product & Service Documentation
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - MeterLink Predictive Diagnostics
1 MBpdfSeptember 2015
 Daniel Ultrasonic Meters - 3410/3810 Electronics Flyers
1 MBpdfJuly 2014
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 Daniel Liquid and Gas Products, Systems and Services Catalog
12 MBpdfApril 2015
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Model 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Meter Data Sheet
1 MBpdfApril 2016
 Manuals & Guides
 Daniel Ultrasonic 3810 Series Electronics Upgrade Kit Instructions
3 MBpdfMarch 2015A
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meter - 3410/3810 Series Local Display Field Install Kit - Quick Install Guide
715 KBpdfSeptember 2014A
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - 3810 Series Operation Manual
1 MBpdfRev C
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Meter Installation Manual
2 MBpdfMarch 2015Rev H
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Meter Maintenance and Troubleshooting Manual
2 MBpdfJune 2015Rev F
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - HART Field Device Specification Guide for 3810 Series Liquid Ultrasonic Meters
1 MBpdfSeptember 2013Rev 3
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Pressure Equipment Directive - Installation and Operating Instructions Manual
746 KBpdfMarch 2015E
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - 3810 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meters Firmware Release Summary
203 KBpdf
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - 3810 Series Firmware v1.24 Release Notes
203 KBpdf
 Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters - MeterLink Release Notes
241 KBpdfv1.31
 Software Downloads
 Device Drivers
 Daniel 3810 Series - DD Files
2 KBhtmlMarch 2012A
 Software Updates
 Daniel 3810 Modbus Table 1.24
176 KBzipDecember 2015
 Training & Demos
 Daniel Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Model 3812 Reduces Metering Costs in Non-Custody Transfer Applications
This video shows how the high capacity and rangeability, serviceable design, and absence of moving parts in the 3812 help reduce metering costs while delivering accurate and repeatable liquid flow measurement in non-custody transfer applications.
81 MBwmv
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