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Daniel Dual-Configuration Model 3818 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter for LNG

High accuracy dynamic flow measurement for liquefied natural gas (LNG) 

The Daniel 3818 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter is designed for high accuracy and long-term, reliable performance in LNG applications.  With a completely redundant 4-path, multi-plane configuration that is the equivalent of two 4-path meters in a single body, the Daniel 3818 Ultrasonic Meter utilizes two independent transmitters—one for each set of four chordal paths.  This ensures complete measurement redundancy and the ability to poll each 4-path meter separately. 

Acoustic processing is performed by specialized electronics designed to achieve high sampling rates, provide stable ultrasonic signals and optimal low flow response, delivering accurate, stable and reliable measurement.    

Available in nominal line sizes 8” to 36”, the 3818 offers increased flow capacity, no incremental pressure drop and is designed for the following LNG applications:

  • Custody Transfer
  • Tanker loading and Off-loading
  • Liquefaction Trains
  • Storage Allocation
  • Check Metering
  • Line Balance

Measuring LNG volume dynamically using the Daniel 3818 Ultrasonic Meter delivers higher accuracy than static measurement methods and can result in real savings. The 3818 provides a factory-proven linearity within ±0.15% and a meter factor uncertainty of ±0.027% due to its sophisticated multi-plane British Gas design, fast signal processing, and advanced transducer technology. A typical liquefaction plant moves $4M/hr of LNG during loading and unloading with measurement uncertainty requirements at ±0.5%.  An overall reduction of ±0.20% of measurement uncertainty would equate to a $12,000/hr reduction in financial risk. 

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 Software Downloads
 Device Drivers
 Daniel 3810 Series - DD Files
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 Software Updates
 Daniel 3810 Modbus Table 1.24
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