T-21 and T-22 Gas Ultrasonic Transducers 

Daniel has released a new more robust gas transducer design that will be the new standard for all Daniel gas ultrasonic meters.  Daniel’s unique ultrasonic transducer design has been one of the vital elements enabling Daniel ultrasonic meters to perform to the highest industry standards. 

The new T-20 Series ultrasonic transducers (T-21 and T-22) expand on the capabilities of its predecessor, the Daniel T-10 Series transducers (T-11 and T-12), to provide increased longevity and tolerance to corrosive fluids in harsh environments or any wet, rich, or dirty gas application.

Engineered for performance and ease of use, the new design features a non-wetted transformer located outside the pressurized process, preventing exposure to liquid borne dirt and corrosive process fluids, and robust electrical connectors with six raised surfaces that minimize contaminant build-up.

  • The separation of the transformer from the transducer capsule extends the life of the transducer components in all environments, as well as improves the overall performance by increasing the signal voltage from the piezoelectric crystal for a stronger, continuous electrical connection. 
  • Minimizing the effect of debris and removing components from the process effectively reduces maintenance and enables the operator to troubleshoot or replace the transformer without depressurizing the meter.