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Daniel CUI - Advanced Ultrasonic Flow Meter Diagnostics

Daniel Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI) has set the industry standard for real-time ultrasonic flow meter monitoring. Designed to simplify and automate the use of both liquid and gas ultrasonic meters, Daniel Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI) is a Windows-based software that gives users insight to real-time flow phenomena such as cross-flow and swirl angle, and enables remote diagnoses of flow disturbances. Specially selected "wizards" simplify field start-up, flow calibration, analog calibration and frequency output testing.

Take control of oil and gas measurement with the new CUI 5

The new CUI 5 provides flow dynamics intelligence that enables easy access to expert flow analysis, alerts operators of flow disturbances, and suggests corrective actions to take.

CUI 5 improves uptime by using advanced monitoring and alarm capability to address maintenance alarms before they lead to failure, and reduce downtime by using meter diagnostics to quickly troubleshoot meter problems.

Actionable Alerts

Through a single monitor screen, virtually all live data is simultaneously displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Important real-time information is readily viewed, such as actionable alerts, flow profile, speed of sound, signal-to-noise ratio, transducer gain, digital waveforms and much more.  The actionable alerts help identify not only abnormal flow profiles, but also upstream blockage, deposit build-up within the meter, and the existence of liquid hydrocarbon in gas.

Baseline Viewer

Predictive alerts are generated by deviations from baseline values.  Baselines can be established at the calibration lab or upon initial start-up, triggering alarms to identify installation problems that can add to the uncertainty of measurement, and enable operators to avoid unscheduled downtime or process upsets.

All diagnostic information delivered from the meter can be viewed with Daniel's CUI 5 which allows users to configure the meter, view flow profiles and actionable alerts, record log files, trend data, and troubleshoot installation problems.  The meter's Ethernet compatibility enables multiple users to remotely monitor the meter and access real-time data. Users can also download archive logs to verify the measurement integrity of the meter.

PlantWeb® Alerts

Daniel liquid and gas ultrasonic meters are part of Emerson's broad range of intelligent, digital field devices that power the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture.  Cost savings, increased availability, and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are achieved when ultrasonic flow meters are integrated into the PlantWeb® architecture.

The advanced diagnostics of Daniel ultrasonic meters can also be accessed via Emerson's AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager.  This predictive maintenance software uses enhanced EDDL functionality to give a consistent, graphical presentation of information across Emerson's intelligent field devices.  Plant personnel can quickly detect and respond to abnormal situations with a holistic view of the process. Users can configure the ultrasonic meter online in the comfort of the maintenance shop using AMS™ Device Manager or in the field using a 375 Field Communicator.

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