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Daniel Flow Conditioner

An economical way to reduce uncertainty in orifice metering

Daniel PROFILER Flow Conditioning Plate minimizes swirl and turbulence as gas flows through it. When installed in a meter tube, the flow conditioner produces a fully developed flow profile downstream of flow obstructions.

Daniel offers flange-mounted flow conditioners. It is recommended to use 17D meter tube with conditioner 7.5D from the orifice plate.  The conditioner can be used as Beta up to 0.67, with any disturbance, in any pipe size and with no upper limit on Reynolds Number. 

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 Approvals & Certificates
 Product Certificates & Approvals
 Daniel Flow Accessories - Qualification of Flow Conditioning Devices According to the API 14.3 Part 2 Procedure - Approval Test Results
835 KBpdf
 Site Quality & Calibration Certificates
 Daniel Flow Accessories - 12" PROFILER Plate Flow Conditioner Performance Test Report
201 KBpdfJanuary 2001
 Product & Service Documentation
 Daniel Orifice Fittings -Orifice Meters Brochure
702 KBpdf
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 Daniel Flow Accessories - PROFILER Flow Conditioning Plate Data Sheet
154 KBpdf
 Daniel Liquid and Gas Products, Systems and Services Catalog
12 MBpdfApril 2015
 Technical White Papers
 Orifice Meters - Theoretical Uncertainty of Orifice Flow Measurement Technical White Paper
498 KBpdf
Flow Conditioner