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Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic VRC system covers our compact actuator design, delivering exceptionally high torque while minimizing size and weight. Due to its proven stability, flexibility and reliability, as well as long operating life and low maintenance Damcos VRC sets the standard for the marine industry.

  Damcos BRC
The Damcos BRC is a double-acting balanced rotary actuator, which operate at a standard working pressure of 135 bar and maintain a constant hightorque output throughout the 90 degree rotation.
  Damcos BRCF
The Damcos BRCF is a single-acting spring return ( fail-safe ) actuator.
The actuator operate at a standard working pressure of 135 bar and maintain a constant high torque output throughout the 90 degree rotation. The torque range is from 125 to 16000 Nm.


Damcos BRCF HT
The new Damcos BRCF 16000HT is the market’s smallest and most powerful single-acting actuator for large valves and valves requiring very high torque.
  Damcos KC
Damcos KC is a linear double-acting actuator. Comes with a direct position indicator and presents no external moving parts during operation. Our program covers KC 65, KC125, KC250, KC325, KC400 and KC600.
  Damcos KF/KFR
Damcos KF and KFR are linear single-acting spring-closing actuators. Equipped with a unique emergency system. Our program covers KF 65, KF125, KF250, KFR125, KFR 250 and KF250/150 and KFR250/150.
Damcos SC Actuator
SC actuator is designed to operate wedge gate valve (lower closing thrust than opening thrust) and open/closing these by means of hydraulic pressure.
  Damcos System Power Unit
Our System Power Unit is built on a standard modular platform, proven for its reliability and safety. As such, it’s possible to configure and scale the unit as requirements demand.
Damcos Control cabinet
A hydraulic VRC system is supplied with a standardized solenoid valve cabinet, able to support up to 120 valve controls per cabinet.