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Electro-Hydraulic VRC System

Damcos Electro-Hydraulic VRC system works in combination with a Local Power Unit, which is mounted its on the Damcos actuator itself. The main advantage of opting for this solution is the cost and space savings gained by eliminating the need for hydraulic piping, solenoid valve cabinets and a hydraulic power unit. Our LPU is exceptionally small, lightweight and works with all types of Damcos actuators, including our largest models.
  • Damcos Local Power Unit - Double Acting
    The LPU-D is designed for the control of double-acting actuators requiring hydraulic pressure for operation in open or closed position.
  • Damcos Local Power Unit - EEx
    Local Power Unit - Ex double and single acting is designed for controlling Damcos actuators. The Local Power Unit is approved according to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC and is built to meet the requirements for mounting in hazardous areas
  • Damcos Local Power Unit - Floodable
    The LPU F (Local Power Unit) is an integrated electro-hydraulic system for remote control of valve and actuators ideal for areas where flooding is a risk.
  • Damcos Local Power Unit - LPUM
    The Local Power Unit - LPUM is an integrated electro-hydraulic system for remote control of small size valves and actuators. LPUM-S for single-acting spring operated actuators and LPUM-D for double-acting actuators.
  • Damcos Local Power Unit - P-NET
    The P-NET controlled Local Power Unit is specially developed to be integrated in complete Marine Tank Management systems.
  • Damcos Local Power Unit - Power Controlled
    Power controlled Local Power Unit has internal control ensuring stop of electrical motor, when the valve has reached end position or if the valve is locked in intermediate
  • Damcos Local Power Unit - Single Acting
    LPU-S is designed for controlling spring closing and opening actuators. Oil pressure is used for opening the actuator by pressing the springs together. Closing actuator by means of mechanical springs.