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Four-Channel Efficiency



The Four-Channel Advantage
Time is often the critical factor in completing route-based vibration analysis. With potentially thousands of machines to analyze, it's no small task. Typically, route-based data collection requires placing sensors on machines multiple times per bearing - just to get the recommended measurements.


Simultaneous four-channel data collection in the CSI 2140 delivers the most advantages to a predictive maintenance program. The CSI 2140 is already 30% faster than the CSI 2130 (one of the fastest data collectors in the industry) when collecting a measurement point. With four-channel capabilities in the CSI 2140, speed through the data collection route is increased even more. Faster data collection translates into less time in harsh or hazardous environments, more machines monitored, and more time dedicated to higher value tasks like analysis and diagnostics. And unlike other four-channel units on the market, the CSI 2140 delivers all four channels when you need them the most – critical equipment startup and troubleshooting diagnostics.



Reduce Measurement Collection Time for Each Machine
Using a triaxial accelerometer, the CSI 2140 simultaneously collects vertical, horizontal, and axial readings on a bearing. Place the sensor on a single measurement point, press the button, and when collection is complete, move on to the next bearing. A PeakVue measurement can also be collected to detect deterioration in the machine's bearings.
The triaxial accelerometer delivers accurate and repeatable results from both the primary and secondary axes, with or without mounting pads, and attaches to the CSI 2140 via a single cable connection.


Determine Phase Easily
With the CSI 2140, you have the ability to collect four simultaneous channels of data PLUS phase for those channels. Some four-channel analyzers available in the market require the sacrifice of a data channel in order to also collect phase.

Four-Channel Data Collection Enables Powerful Diagnostic Options.
Perform additional advanced diagnostics and deeper dive diagnostic tests using four-channel collection. With four-channel monitoring, you will gain additional data and diagnostic tools to help you identify the root cause of your toughest equipment problems. For example,

  • View dual orbit plots, one on either side of the coupling or dual orbit/shaft centerline plots of both sleeve bearings on a turbine, fan, or other production asset to see how the shaft is moving in relation to the bearing races.
  • Collect ODS Modal data 66% faster to animate physical movement of machinery, an important tool in identifying the root cause of chronic or complex machinery problems.

Having the information you need for advanced diagnostics faster allows you to move more quickly towards identifying machinery faults or determining if it is safe to continue startup of turbo machinery.


 “I really like the CSI 2140; especially the exceptionally fast 4-channel data collection. I can collect data from multiple points simultaneously with the push of a button.”
-Gary Gardner, Tucson Electric Power