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Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Making Time to Troubleshoot the Problem
Turn route-based vibration into a faster, more efficient process that allows time for higher value tasks, including advanced troubleshooting and problem solving of reoccurring issues. The ability to perform additional diagnostic tests at the machine site transforms simple data collection into an effective machinery health program.


Monitor Sleeve Bearings More Efficiently
Orbit plots from sleeve bearings provide an accurate indication of developing problems, such as shaft rubs, oil whirl, and oil whip. Using the four-channel input adapter on the CSI 2140, you can collect the required orthogonal measurements to create and analyze orbit plots from either side of the coupling or dual orbit/shaft centerlines of both sleeve bearings on a turbine, fan, or other production asset. With this knowledge, you can identify machinery problems and determine if it is safe to continue the startup of the turbo machinery.



Simplify Structural Analysis with Animated ODS Modal
ODS (Operational Deflection Shape) Modal analysis produces an animation of how the machine is moving during operation from the measured machine vibration. This helps determine root cause of problems because you can see what the machine is doing as it is running. The CSI 2140's simultaneous four-channel collection with the use of a magnet triaxial sensor simplifies the ODS data collection process and can reduce the time required to perform the ODS test by as much as 66%.


Simplify Impact Testing
Impact testing measurements in three axes provides the most information to determine the resonance for the machine. Traditionally, this would require you to make three individual measurements consecutively with impacts for each measurement. With the CSI 2140, you can test all impacts and measurements simultaneously.

Isolate Vibration from Other Sources in One Step
Is the source of vibration coming from the motor you are measuring, or is the vibration coming from another source — maybe the motor to your right? Using four-channel data collection, you can perform a coherence measurement immediately rather than moving the analyzer sensors from one machine to another and making consecutive measurements.

“Another thing that is really sweet when doing impact tests, this analyzer has enough dynamic range to run full scale, so four fast measurements and I’m done.”
-Jim Crowe, Vibration Consultant