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​​Emerson’s CSI technology contributes to improved safety, availability and profitability and increase overall reliability of your facility by delivering predictive intelligence and protection capabilities for your rotating machinery.​
The systems and tools that provide the decision integrity to run your operation at its full potential. Vibration analysis tools specific to the application/criticality of the machine. Data becomes predictive information in AMS Machinery Manager software.
A full range of Emerson services for CSI technology.
All documentation relevant to CSI technology.
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The CSI 6500 ATG is a standalone protection system that introduces prediction to your assets. ATG View lets you see data from anywhere on your plant network. An embedded OPC UA server facilitates integration into the DCS, HMI or similar systems.
The Ovation Machinery Health Monitor consolidates machinery health information and protection within the Ovation distributed control system. Users experience easier system upgrades, improved maintenance & lifecycle processes and secure connectivity.
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Check out the Reliability Playlist on Emerson’s YouTube channel for a demonstration of the laser alignment functionality, what comes with the kit, and more!