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ControlWave® CPU Conversion Kits for Network 3000 Products

The CW_10, CW_30 and CW_35 ControlWave CPU conversion kits offer a cost-effective upgrade path to the ControlWave architecture for existing 3310, 3330, and 3335 systems.  You can maintain your investment in I/O, wiring, cabinets, and enclosures, communication infrastructure, and application program development.  The CW_10 and CW_30 CPUs are direct replacements for the 3310, 3330, and 3335 CPUs.  You can easily remove the existing CPU and communication cards and replace them with the new ControlWave architecture cards.
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 Product & Service Documentation
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 ControlWave CW_10 and CW_30 CPU Kits
231 KBpdfJanuary 2009A
 Manuals & Guides
 CW_10 Hardware Installation Guide
1 MBpdfFebruary 1980A
 CW_30 Hardware Installation Guide
2 MBpdfSeptember 2001A
 CW_35 Hardware Installation Guide
2 MBpdfJanuary 2003A
 Field Removal/Replacement of ControlWave-series Boot Flash Ics
183 KBpdfFebruary 2008A
 Site Considerations for Equip. Installation, Grounding, Wiring
2 MBpdfApril 2017C